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Daily services of the International money transfers and payments system CONTACT use over 11 thousand people.

Simplicity of registration, reliability, efficiency of money delivery and absence of queues in service points are the basic characteristics of system involving the increasing number of clients. How it possible with such inflow of consumers the system manages to relieve them of lasting many hours standing in queues? In fact from time to time even large operators do not manage to achieve such result.
The secret lies in constant improvement of service quality, daily expansion of network geography and increase in number of service points of CONTACT system. Only for last week of June it has replenished with 44 new service points in Russia, CIS and other foreign countries.
Having covered 98 % of large and average cities of Russia, the International money transfers and payments system CONTACT continues to connect small cities. In its list at the end of June have come Zeya, Volgorechensk, Sestroretsk and Kanash. Every day services of money transfers and payments become accessible to the increasing number of people.
The ENGELS-BANK (Russia) has included money transfers CONTACT in the list of the services. Participants of system already for a long time were convinced, that cooperation with it involves new clients, raises commission incomes, intensifies work of the personnel and the equipment, and also raises trust to bank.

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