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CONTACT system has reduced the fees on money transfers to Israel
On March 11, 2012 the Commission fees for remittances sending from members of CONTACT system in Russia and CIS countries in Israel are set at 2% of the transferred amount, but not less than 5 U.S. dollars or Euros (except for transfer to offices of Israel Postal Company Ltd).

CONTACT money transfers with cash payout or by crediting to a bank account are available in more than 800 offices of system’s service network in 250 cities in Israel.

«CONTACT system continually offers its clients new services and competitive rates, focusing on their needs and wishes. The decision to fix the commission to Israel at 2% of the amount but no less than 5 U.S. dollars or euros (except for transfer to offices of Israel Postal Company Ltd) are made, based on the results of the special campaign, which started in July 2011. Sending up to EUR 250 with the payment of cash in the branches of Israel Postal Company Ltd will cost the customer at 7 EUR, and with the amount of the transfer of more than 250 EUR commission fee will be only 1% + 4 EUR. Successful results of the campaign once again confirmed the popularity and high demand for System’s services, - said Elena Gafarova, Vice-president of RUSSLAVBANK, the System operator.
CONTACT system was founded in 1999. System Operator is RUSSLAVBANK (CJSC). General License of Bank of Russia № 1073. CONTACT system laid the foundations of the russian market of money transfers. Currently CONTACT unites more than 900 financial institutions in Russia, CIS and foreign countries, which form a network of more than 205,000 service points, including payment terminals in over 100 countries. CONTACT partners in payments are more than 850 legal entities - banks, trading companies, insurance and tourism companies and their agents, Internet service providers, telecom operators and other service systems. Annually millions of customers around the world send and receive money transfers via CONTACT system. In 2011, CONTACT system has won the nationwide contest "Brand № 1 RUSSIA 2011" in category "remittances."

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