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CONTACT system and Novoplat payment system have broaden channels to send money transfers
From April 05, 2012 CONTACT system clients were able to send money to Russia and the CIS countries via 1200 terminals of Novoplat payment system.

Commission fee for the CONTACT money transfer via Novoplat terminal is charged to the sender and is set as 2.5% of the transferred amount to Russia, and 3% - in the CIS countries. Sending money via payment terminals and paying off at CONTACT offices are available in cash in Russian rubles. The maximum transfer amount is 15 000 RUR.

«CONTACT system is constantly expanding network of channels to send money transfers, offering its customers new services. Terminal solutions simplify service and allow senders arrange their own transfers. Now for customers who appreciate the simplicity, convenience and speed, it is possible to send money to family, friends and acquaintances, either in the classical way of banking CONTACT offices, or using the Novoplat terminal network, - said Alexei Abrameytsev, Executive Director of RUSSLAVBANK, the System’s operator.

«The availability of CONTACT money transfer services in the Novoplat terminals is an important step in developing the capacity of our payment system, - said Valery Tolkachev, Director General of the Novoplat payment system. - Given the high level of CONTACT popularity and widespread of Novoplat terminals in the North-West Federal District, the channel to send money transfers will be in great demand by our customers».

CONTACT system was founded in 1999. System Operator is RUSSLAVBANK (CJSC). General License of Bank of Russia № 1073. CONTACT system laid the foundations of the russian market of money transfers. Currently CONTACT unites more than 900 financial institutions in Russia, CIS and foreign countries, which form a network of more than 205,000 service points, including payment terminals in over 100 countries. CONTACT partners in payments are more than 850 legal entities - banks, trading companies, insurance and tourism companies and their agents, Internet service providers, telecom operators and other service systems. Annually millions of customers around the world send and receive money transfers via CONTACT system. In 2011, CONTACT system has won the nationwide contest "Brand № 1 RUSSIA 2011" in category "remittances."

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